Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup my device for company email?

Where can I see information on company benefits?


Tax exemption
Bud Mahas Construction, Inc. is only exempt from paying sales and use taxes when the project we are working on is tax exempt. Generally, the exemption we provide to our subcontractors and suppliers is the State of Utah form TC-721g, Exemption Certificate for Governments and Schools. The exemption which applies to us is ‘Construction Materials Purchased for Schools or Public Transit Districts’. This exemption does not require a sales tax number, only a reference to the qualifying project.

A school district will issue an exemption under ‘Utah Local Governments and Public Elementary and Secondary Schools’ and provide their own sales tax number when they are purchasing materials directly and installing them with their own personnel.

If you have further questions, please contact the Utah State Tax Commission for assistance.


When can I expect payment for a monthly project draw?
We request that your monthly project draw be submitted to us by the 25th (e.g. by July 25 for July work). The project manager will compile your draw with other subs and suppliers on our request to the owner. Provided we have been paid by the owner and you have met all the qualifications for payment (refer to our payment request form for details) you can expect your payment around the 25th of the following month.

Also, we do require that all draw requests be submitted on the payment request form. This forms provides a reconciliation for the project manager on the status of the contract as well as provides a conditional waiver using the standard language for such waivers provided in Utah law.

I would like to see an example of how to properly complete the pay request form.

My draw was changed. Now what do I do?
We do our best to pay you exactly what you bill. There are circumstances that require we change what you have billed. Examples include billed material not arriving before month-end, the architect or owner doesn’t approve the billed amount or the project manager didn’t see your draw.

Please submit another billing for the subsequent month. Evaluate all the work complete and material provided through the subsequent month and send a new payment request by the 25th of the subsequent month. We will re-submit it to the owner with our billing. You can download pdf and xlsx versions of our most current payment request form and other forms here.

How do I get paid my retention?
We can pay your retention when all of these conditions are met: we have your current insurance certificates, your section of the work is complete, your closeout documents and warranties are submitted to us and accepted by the owner, your punch-list is complete, you have submitted a retention payment request and the owner has paid retention.

Where can I send a bid?