If you are interested in a career with Bud Mahas Construction, Inc., complete the contact form below to receive more information or you can contact a superintendent at one of our current job site locations to get information on possible work opportunities.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All of our employees enjoy the following benefits:

Profit Sharing Plan and 401k

The company will match up to 4% of employee contributions to their 401k or Roth 401k account. The company may also periodically make voluntary contributions as much as 15% of qualified wages to a profit sharing account.

Health Insurance

Generally, all employees who file a timely application are covered on the first day of the month following 60 continuous days of eligible employment. The company contributes to the premium for the employee, spouse and family.


Employees are consistently reminded of safety through inspections by superintendents and in weekly on-site safety meetings. Our rates show that we run a much safer job than the average contractor.

Drug Free Environment

Pre-employment, Post Accident, Random and For Cause drug testing keep our job sites safer.


A weekly paycheck you know will be honored by the bank deposited directly into the account you specify.

Cafeteria Plan

Get the most out of your hard earned dollars by signing up for tax preferred benefits.

HSA section

The company contributes toward the healthcare costs of our employees by making voluntary contributions to each employee’s H.S.A. account.

Opportunities for Growth

As you continue to learn and prove yourself as a part of our team, you will have opportunities to grow and move up within the company.

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