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Insurance Coverage and Certificate Requirements

These requirements apply when you are awarded a subcontract or purchase order. They are not required to apply for our approved bidders status.

Insurance requirements for our subcontractors must generally meet the following requirements. Pursuant to paragraph IV of your contract, your commercial general liability policy should:

  • include commercial general liability aggregate limits of at least $2,000,000 with the general aggregate limit applicable per project.
  • be an occurrence coverage form equivalent to ISO’s CG 0010 01
  • include coverage for liability arising from premises-operations, independent contractors, products-completed operations, personal and advertising injury and liability assumed under an insured contract (including tort liability of another assumed in a business contract)
  • include no endorsements or modifications arising from pollution, explosion, collapse, underground property damage or work performed by subcontractors
  • include a waiver of subrogation
  • name us as an additional insured on a primary basis for ongoing and completed work using ISO form, CG 20 10 11 85 or a combination of ISO forms, CG 20 10 10 01 and CG 20 37 10 01 (or using substitute forms that provide equivalent coverages)

Additionally, we require that your business will:

  • carry completed operations insurance for 10 years and name our company as an additional insured on a primary basis on your commercial general liability insurance for 10 years
  • provide at least 30 days written notice prior to cancellation or termination of your commercial general liability, business auto liability and employers liability policies.

Download a pdf of these requirements you can provide to your agent.