Thunder Junction All Abilities Park

City planners listened to citizens of St. George about the need to provide facilities for kids of all abilities to recreate and enjoy the outdoors. In 2013 the city began the process of bringing the All Abilities Park from the wishes of kids of the St. George area to a reality. October 8, 2016 at 12:00pm, all their planning and hard work culminated in the grand opening of this amazing facility.

The park is complete with an operating train operated by a live conductor. Passengers wait in the shade of the depot after purchasing their $1 ticket. The train then takes them for a ride through a man made sandstone tunnel, next to a smoldering volcano, over an overpass and under an underpass during the approximate 1/2 mile loop where they can view all the amenities the park has to offer, such as a splash pad, climbing wall, slides, swings and all kinds of things to crawl on and in. All of these are designed to provide access to kids of all abilities.

The volcano and tunnel were designed and created by Dreamweaver Specialties of St. George. If you didn’t watch the construction of the project you would think they were hauled in from Zion National Park!

We very much enjoyed partnering with St George City to bring this beautiful facility to life.

See the article in the national magazine Landscape Architect.  Refer to page 44 of the online magazine.


7 acre park


St. George, UT 


City of St. George


City of St. George Parks Planning Division